Replica Roshe Run from Aliexpress

Replica Roshe Run from Aliexpress

I have promised to make a review of my, now old, replica Nike Roshe Run shoes from Aliexpress (Buy them here). They are around 3-4 month old and look a little dirty but have also been worn a lot. They were a gift for my girlfriend and she has been very happy with them. I told her that they were replica Roshe Run shoes and therefore she compared them with her friends real Nike Roshe Run shoes. None notable differences actually and that was after using them for a couple of months. The shoelaces are original and she bought them because she wanted something different than the green laces that came from Aliexpress.

Replica Nike Roshe Run pricing

The prices on Aliexpress vary a lot for a pair of fake Nike Roshe Run. As all other products you get what you pay for and always check the sellers rating before you buy any. Prices start at 20$ and top at around 50$. I would not pay more than 40$ because it gets a little to expensive above that compared to a pair of originals which cost around 120$ in DK. They are probably even cheaper in the US and some other European countries. Some of the more expensive have some cool details and differ a little from the ordinary Roshe Run shoes.
I have found a link to a seller with a really good feedback score which is of upmost importance:
Roshe Run Aliexpressreplica nike roshe run

Replica Nike shoes in general

Nike Replica shoes from Aliexpress tend to be of equal quality compared to the real shoes. Only small unimportant details are different. One thing that is important is the Aliexpress shoe size which is almost always one number smaller than us and European sizes. So remember to order one size higher than usual and remember also to check if it is male or female size you are ordering. Simply chat with the seller to make sure you are ordering the correct shoe, size and color
As you see my girlfriends Aliexpress replicas are very dirty but I think a wash would make them new again.

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Replica rules of your country

I always I urge people to check if it is legal to import replicas to their respective countries. Also to check their tax rules if they are stopped in the customs. Last I will advise using DHL if you are sending many pair at a time. DHL do the customs in China and that makes sure they are not opened before the package arrives at your door.

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