Robotic vacuum cleaners – Find the best shops

Best shops for robotic cleaners at Aliexpress

I have bought a robotic vacuum cleaner from Aliexpress and I have previously made a review of the ILIFE V7S from Gearbest. The main difference between the robot vacuum cleaners from the two sites are the brands. The most popular cleaners at Gearbest are the ILIFE models which also are cheaper there but at Aliexpress the Seebest models and unspecific models are the most sold – Check out most sold models at Aliexpress

Another factor is that Aliexpress persists of many different sellers (equals bigger selection) and Gearbest is one single warehouse. So the most important thing to do at Aliexpress when shopping for robotic vacuum cleaners is to find the best and most trustworthy shops. To do this, I base my decision on the number of orders and feedback for the specific product I am looking at, and next the feedback of the whole shop.

Trustworthy vacuum cleaner shops at

Beneath I have listed some shops which are really reliable and trustworthy. I have made purchases from them all – not only robotic vacuum cleaners but also other electronic gadgets.

My recommendations of shops for robotic vacuum cleaners

  1. Store: Store:Seebest Intelligent Appliance StoreOpen:4 year(s), 3005robotic vacuum cleaner rating 99% Positive feedback
    – This shop has a large selection of Seebest robotic vacuum cleaners and many other electronic gadgets. They respond fast to all concerns and always deliver what promised. A 99% positive rating is extremely high for a shop with that many orders. If you are looking for a Seebest vacuum cleaner CHOOSE this store!!
  2. Store: Puppy Appliances(Beijing) Co.,Ltd Open:2 year(s), 2439vacuum cleaners china98.6% Positive feedback – This is a shop completely dedicated to all kinds of vacuum cleaners. And they are very good at it and have some of the best prices I have seen. I bought my robotic cleaner from them and I am a satisfied customer
  3. Store:Perfection TechnologyOpen:3 year(s), 2410robotic vacuum aliexpress 99.3% Positive feedback
    – Looking for other robotic vacuum cleaner brands, this is the only place you should order it. They sell a selection of Chinese brands and have an impressive 99,3% positive feedback.

Of course there are many more good shops, these were just my recommendations, but if you want to investigate further then – GO TO ALIEXPRESS