Self balancing Airboard or segboard is hot and cheap at Aliexpress

The popular Airboard – Segboard – Hoverboard goes by many names

This new self-balancing airboard is one of the newest fashions on the Internet at the moment. Airboard – Segboard – Hoverboard – Hovertrax – It simply goes by many names. It is practically a 2 Wheel electric standing board which come in different styles.
In Denmark it is called an airboard, and what made me write about it, is the price in Denmark. They start at 600$ which is totally overprised. At the prises start at around 300$ shipping included. This is halv the price and I even noticed that the airboards sold in Denmark are the exact same as sold on the Aliexpress homepage.

Cheap Airboards from trusted Aliexpress vendors

Here are a couple of links to shops at who sell the airboards / hoverboards cheap and have a good reputation.

Self balancing Airboard / Hooverboardselfbalancing airboard hooverboard segboardAir boards from Aliexpress are popular why many vendors sell them. Prices are very good compared to other internet sites. Try to find a seller with a high positive score and a long order history.

One other good vendor is Shenzhen Qinchi Technology Co., Ltd. which also has a good feedback. As mentioned earlier in this post, there are many different airboards available at Aliexpress and you should check out the different ones to find the one that suits you – here is a link to cheap airboards at Aliexpress starting with the best sellers (click here). Below is a video of the board and it seems pretty cool:

Last thing is the website trustsellers who have duplicated and stolen some of my content. Please note that Trustsellers SUCKS