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How To Make Money on Ebay?

To sell on eBay first step is to create an eBay account, if you do not have one. Go to eBay and signup. It is free and allows you to both sell and buy. Once this is done, you can log on to my eBay and you are ready to start buying and selling. You are also able to send and receive emails.

Think about the name you choose for your eBay user ID. This is how people know you in the eBay community. Pick something that is easy to remember but do not be offensive or negative.
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When you sell on eBay, start with the standard fee arrangement. You will pay no fees on up to fifty listings per month and the charge is a flat 10% final value fee when your item sell.

There are also three paid membership accounts available on eBay. Each comes with a different pricing per month (from $15.95 to $179.95), a variable number of no item-listing fee per month (from 150 to 2,500) and final sales fee that differ from 4 to 9 %.

Opening a Paypal account

To open a PayPal account which allows your buyers to use a credit card or, checking account to pay for their bought items. Furthermore this also allows you to sell your items internationally.
It is not required to have a PayPal account connected to you eBay account, but it seems to be difficult to do without one because safety is clearly connected with PayPal and more then 90% of eBay’s users have a PayPal account. In addition to this there is a check box when searching for items on eBay that says “search for items from sellers with an eBay account”.

What to sell on Ebay?

Now you are ready to the next step. Deciding what to sell? Find something you already have at home, just to get a feeling on how it works. You might even be lucky that some of these items are easy to sell and you already know what to buy the next time. Things that you have an interest in also aplies to be good beginners objects as you will have a fairly good idea of their value. Ebay offers an online tool called “Selling Inspiration House”. Use it to navigate through a sample home and click on items you have at home and you want to sell. Then you will get an average valueation depended on earlier sales. This makes you capable of setting a correct retail price.
Also look around on eBay to see what other people are selling and at what price. Notice the amounts of bids different items have in order to figure out how “hot” they are.

Now you know what to sell and you will need to write a detailed description of your item. Potential buyers are able to contact you with questions. It is difficult to explain the details and benefits of a product if you are not familiar with it yourself.

Determine what sells good and find more of it. Garage sales, Auctions or maybe Aliexpress. Many items from AliExpress sell for a lot more on eBay. You can make some serious money by buying from China and selling on Ebay. But I will recommend to find products in the beginning that you are interested in. When you begin buying your sales objects from China, start out small. Only when you are familiar with some sellers, you should begin buying larger orders.

Small Aliexpress buyers checklist

1. Does the supplier have at least a 95% or higher positive feedback?
2. Has the supplier received any form of negative feedback and what?
3. Is the supplier specialized in a specific product or is it trading a little bit of everything?

If your goal is to become an eBay Power Seller, then take things easy and one step at a time. Starting with a small asortment gives you a chance to learn eBay and how to navigate which will establish yourself as a good and reputable seller.

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To become a really successful seller you do indeed rely on positive feedback. Starting out you will have zero. Build up your business slowly and make sure all customer are treeted in best possible manors so yo earn only positive feedback. This way you will quickly earn the trust of buyers who probably will be returning to do more business with you. Hopefully they will even recommend you to friends and family.. Hope this helped to give an idea on how to start a business and sell on eBay. You are also able to put items up for auction which is very different way to make a business. It was actually the original purpose for eBay but that will be a later post.

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Get the best price – tips to negotiate with the Chinese

A rule of thumb is: The Chinese can do what they want.
But they must have a reason to bother to make an effort. And the best reason is called “guangxi” (pronounced ‘gwangshí’) unless you just put a million-dollar-order (which you probably don’t on Aliexpress). Money is also a good mean to achieve what you want, for example: To get your production in front of the queue or if you want have better chances of good quality.

“Guangxi” means relationship or personal relationship. Specifically, the personal relationship with you as a partner. It can be difficult to understand, even to define, but it is immensely important when doing business in China, to understand the importance of personal relations.

Good “guangxi” with your Chinese supplier can mean:

– Better price / better quality
– Faster delivery
– Faster problem resolution

How do you achieve good guangxi?

– Be polite and have respectful behavior.
– Be kind and smile.
– Focus on your common interests in a successful trade and future cooperation, save small issues for later. Conflicts and problems are going to be solved, but this should not dominate your relationship.

– Never talk down to a Chinese, you will pay for it in the end.
– Westerners can easily seem arrogant and impolite for the Chinese. Avoid physical movements, which can seem intrusive.

Ultimately good “guangxi” means a better price which give you a greater profit or saving. So go and sell on eBay if you have an account or go to – eBay signup