Syma X5HC quadcopter with camera review

Check out the amazing Syma X5HC quadcopter with camera

Quadcopters and drones increase in functions every day. What once were expensive gadgets or toys for big kids, are now accesable for all wallets. It is a joy, truly. Today is the beginning of two articles concerning cheap but indeed functional drones. Today is the Syma X5HC quadcopter with a 2 megapixel camera and sunday I will make an article about a small and very cheap drone. Both are very professional compared to their price tag. But let us get started with the famous Syma quadcopter

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What are Syma quadcopters in general known for

Syma quadcopter or drones if you like, are known for certain characteristics which have been slowly incorporated during their years of production. Something I find interesting is that they are mass produced but still have that personal touch for each of their models. But every time they introduce a new drone there has always been added some new features. One of my first drones were a Syma X5c (which was good at that time), then I bought the Syma X5SW which was also a very nice toy and better then the previous.

Their new models continue to be better and this time the Syma X5HC has really hit the idea spot on – It almost has the characteristics of the very expensive drones. I am sure that many professional and super expensive drone manufactures are keeping a close eye on Syma, as they continue to close the gap..

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What makes the new Syma quadcopters so much better?

Height control is the new black within their cheap drone models. This is the exact thing that differences cheap drones from the expensive. Their development is sign of brutal differentiation from other cheap drone manufactures and close the gap significally to the expensive brands.

Height control (or altitude hold mode) has previously been something that many Chinese manufactures have ignored in their budget drones. I understand that for economic reasons. But I do honestly believe that Syma has hit the key here and still not exceeding 50$ (on sale at the moment, check it out).

Altitude hold mode explained:
When altitude hold mode (aka AltHold) is selected, the throttle is automatically controlled to maintain the current altitude. Roll, Pitch and yaw operate the same as in Stabilize mode meaning that the pilot directly controls the roll and pitch lean angles and the heading.

This seriously changes Syma´s possession on the drone market. It does not only count for this model but also the little more expensive, but still cheap quadcopters, such as X8HC and the X8G (X8G is actually also truly impressive)

Watch a youtube review:

Features ans specification of the syma X5HC

Below I have listed all features and specifications of the Syma X5HC and a video review from which really shows how good it is.

Main Features:
Low-voltage protection
Over-current protection
Level calibration function
3D overturning function
With orange and green LED light
Pressure hovering height adjustment function
Altitude hold mode
2 mega aerial photo-taking / video recording function
Fine tuning function
Fling-fly action
Headless mode
Left and right hand throttle mode switch
Turn left / right, forward / backward, up / down, left / right sideward flight

Package Contents: 1 x Quadcopter, 1 x Transmitter, 2 x Propeller, 4 x Propeller Protector, 4 x Landing Gear, 1 x Screwdriver, 1 x 4G SD Card, 1 x Card Reader, 1 x English Manual, 1 x Battery, 1 x Camera

Where to buy the Syma X5HC?

I have seen it at for 69$ which I think is a little too expensive. Therefore I checked out Gearbest where it is on sale for only 49.99$. I also like buying electronics from Gearbest because it is one big shop specialised in electronics, phones and gadgets. Not small different vendors from China, where you can easily be cheated – there are Syma copies around. So my advice. Choose Gearbest when buying electronic gear and stick to Aliexpress for clothing and watches..