Tailored suits and blazers Aliexpress

Finding a suit or a nice blazer at Aliexpress

A tailored suit or a blazer from Aliexpress is cheap. This is since the labor is very cheap, so you practically only pay for the fabric. Only bad thing is your measurements which a normal tailor will take for you and do the fittings along the way. But if you are not looking for an expensive suit or a blazer made from fine Italian fabric, you can easily order it from Aliexpress. The cheapest suits and blazers from Aliexpress come with size (small, medium, large etc) instead of your measurements.

Suit and blazer prices Aliexpress

Again, this solely depends on the type of fabric you choose. I have never bought a full suit from Aliexpress but I have bought a couple of nice blazers there. I found the best and most reputable shops and from there I looked at their selection to make my choice. Prices for an Aliexpress blazer starts at around 30$ and Aliexpress suits start at around 50$ (shipping included of course). This is actually cheaper than many of the dodgy tailors in Thailand and many are even a lot better.. The expensive ones can easily cost above 200$ which is still extremely cheap compared to Western prices. And then you will get a sublime outfit!

Best Aliexpress shops to buy a suit or a blazer

Below I have listed the best shops for suits and blazers at Aliexpress:

  • Store: Tailor-made men’s suit storeOpen:1 year(s), 96898.5% Positive feedback (little expensive but very reputable and very good quality)
  • Store: wang ANNOpen:1 year(s), 65796.4% Positive feedback (very cheap but excellent feedback)
  • Store: Best Men Suits Shopping Mall-Custom MadeOpen:1 year(s), 26294.5% Positive feedback (Huge selection in suits, blazers… Well everything at fair prices)
  • Store: Men Suits shopping paradiseOpen:2 year(s), 149695.7% Positive feedback (again a reputable shop which has everything within suits and blazers)
  • Store:Crystal Love Wedding DressOpen:4 year(s), 28594.9% Positive feedback (Best shop for tuxedos and wedding dresses

Other tips when buying suits or blazers at Aliexpress

Blazer AliexpressIf you get it tailored, you will also most likely be able to choose the brand of your suit or blazer. Whether you want your family name written in it or if you want to make it a Hugo Boss suit. This can most likely be done with all the Aliexpress tailors.
All these links provided above are for tailormade blazers and suits. If you just want an Aliexpress blazer or suit with normal fittings ( s, m, l, xl, etc) then check out Aliexpress here

Hope this helped for buying Aliexpress blazers and suits