Tommy Hilfiger sweater from AliExpress

Tommy Hilfiger sweater from AliExpress review

I have just received a fake black cotton Tommy Hilfiger sweater from AliExpress (Find Hilfiger pullovers from Aliexpress HERE) and it actually looks very good. It is a very precise knock-off and almost everything looks genuine. There are only a couple of very small flaws on the neck but they are not noticeable.

The price for the fake Tommy Hilfiger sweater was 28$ including shipping to Denmark which is a little bit expensive but still saved me around 70$ compared to Danish retail prices. I had no problems with Danish customs which I have never had with cloth. If you buy soft packages from AliExpress, you should never worry about getting your package declared.

I cant find any Tommy Hilfiger pullovers at all at Aliexpress at this moment. I will put one as soon as I find one – I have found the Foreign Trade Factory Shop and they have 2 diamonds and many nice different replica pullovers.
Tommy Hilfiger pullovers fake Tommy Hilfiger sweater

A good replica Tommy Hilfiger sweater

First thing I always notice about fake designer cloth is the logo which is almost always made very poorly. If you travel to Thailand or Turkey you are confronted with extremely poor made counterfeit products. The fabric and patchwork looks fake immediately and this scares many off. But if you do a little research on AliExpress, you will quickly be able to find better made copies which are almost similar to the original goods. Sometimes I even think the products are stolen from the factory which actually makes the genuine designer clothing.
Bottom Line is that I will recommend buying this replica Tommy Hilfiger sweater from Aliexpress as it is made very very good and why spend an extra 70$ on something that is more or less the same product?
Normally a search for TH or Tommied sweater at would have you find many different sweaters and pullovers from Tommy Hilfiger but at the moment they can be difficult to find which is why I also use which is almost similar to Aliexpress. There it can sometimes be easier to find knockoffs.

If you still want to use Aliexpress for being a replica sweater, then be creative at you might be lucky and find some shops selling them. Sometimes searching for Hilfige has helped me finding Tommy t-shirts. And other knockoffs as well..

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