Tommy Hilfiger swimwear from Aliexpress review

This is a review of a pair of Tommy Hilfiger shorts from Aliexpress

Tommy Hilfiger swimwear Aliexpressfake tommy hilfiger swimwear
I have bought a pair of Tommy Hilfiger shorts from Aliexpress last summer and they are still going strong. The bathing season has not yet begun in Europe but it won’t be long. Swimwear from Aliexpress is very cheap because it is easy to send and does not weigh much. That makes it one of the best things to buy from Aliexpress. A pair of Tommy Hilfiger trunks is almost 100$ in Denmark and on Aliexpress you can buy Ralph Lauren, Hilfiger, Quicksilver and many other brands for anything between 14-20$. The quality is suprisingly good and I seriously can’t see that my Tommy trunks are fake. They dry really fast and the color deos not faint from swimming in salt nor chloride water.

I paid 12.82$ including shipping and they ran right through customs. The package is very small, so it won’t attract much notice upon customs transfer.
To find Tommy Hilfiger in an Aliexpress search, use terms like Th, Tommie, Tommy, Hil and Figer. There are probably many more – Be creative.

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