5 Most popular replica bags 2016

Replica bags of various designers are some of the most replicated and popular items online, and it makes perfectly sense since genuine branded leather bags cost a fortune. So I have found the most popular replica bag brands of 2016. So people with a smaller wallet than Victoria Beckham also can enjoy these expensive brands and buy them cheap online.

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1. Kate Spade replica bags

Kate Spade bags Aliexpressreplica kate spade bags

Kate Spade is enormously famous among women with a fetish for branded bags. Replicas are available, at the moment, at Aliexpress. At Aliexpress searches like “Kate space bags” or just “Kate bags” give some results now. But since akronyms at Aliexpress change a lot for all replica stuff, you might have to use other search terms later for Kate Spade replica bags.

2. Michal Kors Replica bags

Michael Kors bags AliexpressMichael kors replica bags

Michael Kors is one of the oldest and most famous designers of bags. Various types of Michael Kors replicas are found at Aliexpress.com. Most of them don’t wear the MK logo when you see the pictures of the bags. But if you know how the design looks, then you know it is a replica if you see the pic at the Ali homepage. To be sure you can always chat with the seller. At the moment you can search for “Michael bags”, “Michaeled bags” of simply “kors bags”.

3. Mulberry bags

Mulberry is one of the most reliable brands within bags. They are extremely expensive and therefore many seek replica Mulberry bags online. Everyone knows the logo and it has become an iconic brand. Search for “The model you seek (Alexa Bag etc)” and you get good results of all kinds of replica Mulberry bags at Aliexpress.

4. Louis Vuitton replica bags

Louis Vuitton AliexpressLouis vuitton replica bags

Louis Vuitton replicas have been around for a long time which luckily means, that the quality of the LV replicas is quite good and the selection huge. Search for “Louis bag” and the amount of Louis Vuitton replica bags is huge.. (read my updated post about replica Louis Vuitton bags)

5. Marc Jacobs replica bags

Marc Jacobs is another American brand. It was founded in New Your and every year it becomes more and more famous and popular.
Search for “Marc bag” gives a good result for replica Marc Jacobs bags at the moment . Marc Jacobs also produces a lot other thing besides bags.