The ultimate list of popular iPhone accessories from Aliexpress

As a new iPhone owner you may well be confused about how many different iPhone accessories that actually exist at . You can pretty much find any piece of iPhone accessory that you can think of.

With this wide variety of iPhone accessories, it is difficult to identify what is actually necessary and what ultimately is not necessary.

Although we all like to buy new equipment, it is important that you purchase the accessories that can help you the most to start with.

To help you find the iPhone accessories from Aliexpress that I believe are most important to you, as a new iPhone user or if you are just looking for inspiration for what you can buy.

Remember screen protector: It saves iPhone screens

Protective Film is one of the most essential forms of protection for your iPhone. Although the iPhone is one of the mobile phones that are best to avoid scratching on the screen. It really ruins the feeling of having an iPhone if there is a long scratch on the screen.

Protective Film is a very thin piece of plastic that you can stick on top of your iPhone screen. This kind of iPhone accessories works as a barrier between the screen and your keys, coins, or if you lose it and many other things.

When you first put the protective film on your iPhone, you possibly don’t suspect it’s there. Only if you look very carefully you will see that the protective film is attached.

I recommend that you clean your iPhone screen before you attach the protective film and allow it to dry thoroughly to ensure maximum adhesive force.
Which protector should I buy?

It is important to buy protective film that can last for a long time. The last thing you want is to have a piece of protective film which flutters a little at the corners.

For iPhone 5 and 6 I recommend one of these two options:

Tempered glass protection
This is just plain protection film for Iphone 6 and you can buy 10 pieces for around 3$ at Shop are also selling protection for Iphone 4, 5 and 7.

Protective film for screen and back

New Iphone models are slightly peculiar on the back cover and are not quite as strong as they used to be on the iPhone 3 and 4.

Are you caring for your iPhone and do you not want to hide it in a cover, then you may want to buy a protective film package, which gives you one piece film for the front and one piece to the back.
The protective film for Iphone 4+5+6+7 can also be purchased from for 0.98$ which of course includes shipping – Find protective film at Aliexpress here

Extra charger for your iPhone

One of the good types of iPhone accessories, which I have even bought myself, is an extra charger for my iPhone. iPhones are not exactly known for their long battery life and we are all trying to get the most out of the battery life, but unfortunately it is not always we have enough power.

Unless you remember to charge your iPhone every night, you’ll need a charger on the go.

I have personally even an extra charger at my work, which means that I can easily let the iPhone recharge during the day.

Iphone charger Aliexpress.comiPhone charger aliexpress

Adapter for the new iPhone 7

Have you had an iPhone 3GS or 4/4S then you definitely own iPhone accessories that you can use after you have upgraded to iPhone 5th, 6th or 7th generation.

If you own a few chargers that use the old iPhone connector, you may want to buy a lightning adapter to the collection instead of replacing all of your old chargers or cables:

Available here

Be aware that they are not capable of transmitting sound, but only data/charging.

Aliexpress iPhone Cases

An iPhone case comes in a variety of formats and is one of the most prevalent types of iPhone accessories. There are both large, small, elegant, fun, metal, plastic, silicone and then there are those that can be almost run over by a tank without breaking.

When choosing an iPhone case for you, it is important that it fits your needs. A typical difference on which iPhone case you need is whether you hold your iPhone in your bag or in your pocket.

Iphone covers for your bag
If you typically put your iPhone in your bag, you would need a little more protection than the very small covers. Even if your iPhone is well protected in a bag, it often happens there are a few coins in the same pocket, or the handbag is moved a little too hard once in a while.

This therefore requires a more cushioning and all-around iPhone case.

Personally, I like this cowhide iPhone 6 case that provides good protection. The price is set to be 44,90$ and it is made of genuine cowhide:

Genuine leather case Iphone 6iphone cover aliexpress

If you, on the other hand, put your iPhone in the pocket. You will be better of with a cover that does not take much space. It can be tricky to pull your iPhone out of the pocket when it has a leather case such as the one above.

Personally, I would therefore go with an aluminium cover that provides reasonable protection from shock and full protection against scratches on the back cover.
Aluminum cover For iPhone 7 iPhone 7 cover aliexpress

Check out more Iphone covers at

Aliexpress sports armband for Iphone

Are you active in the gym or enjoy a trip out in the open, then you need a sports armband for your iPhone which I have previous made a post about. There are many good iPhone Apps for your workout and it would be a shame if you did not use your iPhone fully for this purpose due to lack of accessories.

With a sports armband you can put the iPhone directly on your arm so it does not pull your pants downn.

A sports armband for iPhone works at the same time, as a cover and the best ones can protect your iPhone from rain and other weather.

There are many different kinds of sports bands on Aliexpress, so I have collected 2 different versions I like below.

This is a cheap armband which cost only 2$ but it does all what is necessary.
iphone running armband aliexpress

This one is sweat-repellent, breathable and water resistant.
Stylish Running Sports Armband With Touch Screen CoverIphone running armband aliexpress

Aliexpress Car holder (and possibly. Car charger)

Are you just like me and like to use your iPhone in your car? Then hardly can’t live without an Iphone holder for your car. For a long time I have put my iPhone on the seat next to me and had thereby no need for a car holder.

One day I was driving in my brother’s car and he had a car holder, where I just put it in. It worked both as a GPS and it was just much more comfortable.

Ever since then, one of my favorite kinds of accessories has been a car mount for my iPhone and I could not dream of make do without. Especially now that I have a daughter on the way, it is important that I keep focused on my driving. A car mount helps a lot for that.

You can get various kinds of automotive mounts and they come in different “geek degrees”:

My recommendations within the iPhone automotive mounts

The most widespread car holder is an ordinary holder you can put in the window or on the dashboard. Do not buy the very cheapest you can find, but instead pay a little extra.

The inexpensive automotive mounts tends to fall off in the middle of the ride. It may be unfortunate if your iPhone falls down on the pedals.

A sensible choice is this car holder from Aliexpress which is magnetic and holds it in place.
Magnetic iPhone mountmagnetic iPhone mount aliexpress

What is your favorite Iphone accessory?
I would like to hear from you about what your favorite accessory for an iPhone is. Whether it’s expensive, cheap, simple or complicated it is always interesting to hear what other iPhone owners have found of Iphone accessories.