Good websites like Aliexpress – alternatives

Aliexpress alternatives

I have for some while been looking for sites like Aliexpress because I find it more and more difficult to find the items I seek at After some consideration I think that is the best all around alternative.

Dhgate is better and cheaper than Aliexpress in many ways

For some categories I actually think that DHGate is better than Aliexpress. An example of that is finding replica shoes. Nike replicas have become difficult to find at Aliexpress but at DHgate it is still pretty easy. You just search for the model name and boom you get a huge selection. This does unfortunately not count for anymore. Other sites that could compare with Aliexpress is LightInTheBox but that site really sucks. Miserable service and prices seem to be higher than both DHGate and Aliexpress. My recommendation is definitely to begin searching a little more at Therefore I will also start to link to them when I can’t find the replicas at Aliexpress.

Sites like Aliexpress

Other Chinese sites like Aliexpress

There are a couple of other good sites to use. As an example “” is the best site if you want to buy gadgets and electronics. They sell many cool things and at very reasonable prices – read a Gearbest review. is like a small version of However, is a lot better in terms of service. Prices are mostly a little lower and you will get better products and service.. Here in Denmark there has been a lot of trouble with lightinthebox, because they run an affiliate program which allows others to sell their products. Therefore they cannot assure good service because other people than themselves basically handle their brand – and there sure are some dodgy dealsites using products from them. Thus, the affiliates receive a 10% commission of their products which you will be financing.. Therefore use Miniinthebox or the best Aliexpress alternative ““.

I recently made a review of DHGate and it is actually a very easy homepage to navigate. I have become pretty fond of it, though I still use Aliexpress the most. But is the best alternative to so far.