What is DHgate and is DHgate.com reliable and safe?

What is DHGate?

What is Dhgate and is it reliable and safe to use? Many people have asked me these questions over the past few months.

You probably already know Amazon and Aliexpress. Amazon is the American and European version of DHGate and Aliexpress is the Chinese big brother of DHGate.com.

Aliexpress and DHGate are cheap alternatives to Amazon and because of the very cheap products you can find on both platforms, many ask google whether they are legit, safe and reliable.

But what is DHGate?. DHGate is a portal like Amazon and Aliexpress, where many different shops (Chinese only) can sell their products. They offer a huge variety of different items:

  • Toys, Hobbies & Baby, Kids
  • Electronics
  • Cell Phones & Accessories
  • Health & Beauty
  • Computers & Cameras
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Weddings & Formal Events
  • Automobile & Motorcycle
  • Apparel
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Home & Garden
  • Lights & Lighting
  • Hair & Styling
  • Bags, Shoes & Accessories
  • More Categories

As you see, there are many different products to select among at DHGate and prices are very low. But what makes DHgate different from Aliexpress? Not much actually but nonetheless a lot. If you are looking for replicated products, you will find that they are a lot easier to find at DHgate compared to Aliexpress. Aliexpress used to be the place to find knockoffs but since they went on the NY stock exchange that also changed. Now DHGate is the portal to look for these items. If you want how to find knockoffs at DHgate, then read my post about finding brands at DHGate.com.

Is DHGate safe?

DHGate.com is safe and also not safe – Depends what you mean. It is a completely safe place to use your credit card and you will always receive a product when you order one. But for newbies to asian trade, you can get scammed and ripped off. DHGate is completely safe  in the sense that you need to know how DHgate works – Read my DHgate review and find out.

Judged by other online reviews, DHGate is also very safe to use. You can check out their Trustpilot rating, which is a lot higher than both Aliexpress and Amazon.  This is a very strong indication of reliability.

Another thing is that DHgate offers escrow service to protect you from scams by acting as a third-party payment holder. Your payment for a product will not instantly be released to the seller until you confirm that you’ve received the order and are satisfied with it (Learn transaction process).

This brings me to the next question:

Is DHGate reliable?

The website DHGate does not sell any products itself. As earlier mentioned it consists of many shops selling products through DHGate.com. But yes the portal DHGate.com is very reliable. Can DHGate controle thousands of different shops entirely? NO, it is not possible for a portal like DHGate nor Amzon and Aliexpress to do so. There will always be people around looking for some easy money.

Nonetheless, DHGate has done a huge effort to stop shops in practising scams. With a little common sense you can completely avoid scams. Buy from shops who have a “reliable feedback” and that have existed for some time and you will be safe.

FAQ: I did not receive my package

This is one of the most asked questions which sometimes can lead to believes that DHGate is not safe and reliable. Most cases of this is not their fault. Many people who buy products form China does not understand that you have to pay customs and vat. Furthermore, if you buy replicated products, they will sometimes me withheld in customs. Of some reason this cause confusion and people are angry with the DHGate shop they shopped at, instead of blaming themselves for not knowing the custom rules of their country.

DHGate conclusion

What was concluded:


DHGate is a  portal with many shops, selling a huge variety of products


YES, DHGate is completely safe


DHGate is reliable but some sellers are not. Use your common sense and you will be safe!